Pros and cons of homework

Homework has been a very divisive topic amongst educational stakeholders throughout the world. It has become a primary concern amongst parents, teachers, and students themselves. Its purpose has caused many to question whether it is beneficial or not especially when it comes to bridging family bonding and learning. To answer some of the major questions that you might have in mind about homework, here is an assorted list of the different pros and cons of homework:


It sharpens the art of discipline and practice

Homework is structured around the concepts of practice makes perfect. Indeed, repeatedly following a clear and effective homework routine helps one to become a discipline in honoring their commitments. Even though this might not necessarily be apparent, this essential skill might help you later on when venturing into a vocational career.

Fosters parent involvement

Living in a busy world today limits the amount of time that parents have to spend with their children. They don’t have the luxury of spending hours keeping track of their academic life. To break this new norm, homework provides parents with the opportunity to be involved in their children’s life. By offering support and helping them to tackle different problems creates the opportunity for them to bond while learning.

Instills time management skills

Accomplishing your homework in record time means that you have an effective time plan. This routine enables you to stay focused and deadline oriented. Students who submit their homework in time tend to have learned the art of managing their time well compared to those that don’t.

It works as a communication distribution channel

Homework creates an environment whereby both teachers and parents get to step into the shoe of one another. It involves both parties and for it to be successful, each party needs to be involved and engaged. This channel of communication helps both parties to understand the needs of the student better by identifying their strength and weaknesses.


Takes away playtime

All work and play make Jack a dull boy is quite a common phrase that means playtime is crucial in any child’s development. Unfortunately, homework eats into this time and hinders the proper growth of the student. Studies have proven that lower levels of playtime lead to reduced academic achievement levels and character development as well.

May lead to a sedentary lifestyle

The society today is committed to correcting the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle. Things like obesity are now associated with more premature deaths than ever before. Homework, on the other hand, could lead to the adoption of such lifestyles but only if it encourages continuous long sitting hours.

May lead to wrong knowledge

Effective homework only works when there is immediate feedback. With an alarming high student to teacher ratio in most schools, it is quite difficult to give personalized feedback in time. This eventually leads to the adoption of wrong concepts that homework was not meant to instill when done repeatedly.

Encourages cheating

Large amounts of homework combined with the wrong attitude towards it leads to cheating. Research data found out that most students engage in different forms of malpractices for the sake of completing their homework in time. If this goes undetected, it instills the wrong ideals in society.