Motivation to do homework

One of the hardest things students have to deal with is to stay excited while doing their homework. To help you manage this easily, try to divide the large projects into smaller chunks to avoid being overwhelmed, and minimize distractions to avoid derailing your focus.

How to stay motivated and inspired

Reward yourself for every accomplishment – rewarding yourself for every accomplishment you make keeps you psyched up and motivated. It is an effective way of keeping your spirits high to want more. By doing this, you increase your endorphin levels which increases your drive to tackle larger tasks. You can start by watching a 5-minute funny clip as a reward for finishing a small task or going out for pizza after completing a bigger assignment. This, however, shouldn’t only be limited to after doing tasks. You can start by giving yourself a 10-minute head start to check your social media accounts. Research shows that productivity correlates with a treat before tackling any task activity. Be it getting down on a snack or watching cute animal baby videos, this treat will set the right mood for you in advance.

Find a motivated study pal to work with – chances are much higher than you will work much faster on a task with a friend compared to tackling it all by yourself. Even though you and your friend might be working on different things or own work, this set-up spikes your energy levels and keeps you motivated to accomplish your goals. However, you should find and work with someone who is as highly motivated as you are to avoid them being a distraction. Besides, remember to check in with your teacher if it would be okay to work with someone else on an assignment.

Determine your most preferred time and place to work – people differ in so many aspects. When it comes to tackling assignments, some work best in the morning while others might prefer working on it in the evening or afternoon. Similarly, different people work best from different work areas. For instance, if you are a morning person, you might want to find a quiet room to work from right after breakfast. For those who like working in the afternoon or evening, find yourself a corner in your favorite coffee shop to work from or a library. We suggest that you experiment around to figure out exactly what works best for you.

Set SMART goals to guide you – goals are very powerful especially if you are systematically working on anything. They always give you a sense of purpose and drive. Aspiring to attain a certain goal while working on any given task keeps you motivated. However, setting vague goals can easily demoralize you and discourage your efforts. For example, instead of working to finish all your homework done this weekend, try to finish one subject at a time for one hour each day or hire an accounting homework helper to do the hardest pieces of work for you. Setting specific goals helps guide you when and what to do. We suggest that you start practicing how to set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) goals today.